Soulja Taekwondo Academy

Tenets of Taekwondo:  Courtesy, Integrity, Indomitable spirit, Perseverance, Self control 

Code of Conduct:           Bowing to Master & Instructor and Senior belts (Black belts)
                                            Calling Master & Instructor as Sir
                                            Bowing to Training place (Dojang) while entering and leaving

                                   Bowing to other members and shaking hands
Stances: Attention; ready; walking; back; long; horse riding

Blocks: Low Block; Middle section block; High block
Kicking:  Crescent kick; Turning kick; Push kick

Pattern:                                   9 Moves of Patten 1

Sparring:                                  Non contact


Attention:                                  Charyot
Ready:                                         Joonbi
Bow:                                            Kyong ye
Stance:                                        Sogi

Front stance:                             Ap sogi
Long stance:                              Apkoobi sogi
Back stance:                               Dwitkoobi sogi
Horse riding stance:                 Joochoom sogi

White Belt to Orange Belt